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FLIGHT IN OLUDENİZ : 600TL (Photos and videos not included.)

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One of the most exciting and popular touristic attractions in Turkey is tandem paragliding. Among the 10 most spectacular beaches in the world Fethiye-Oludeniz is one of the best regions to fly above. Starting from the top of the Babadag mountain (1950m), you will discover a bird-eye view of the Oludeniz lagoon assisted by our team’s “ Parasut Fethiye” qualified and reliable pilots.

Please, contact us, if you want to experince tandem paraglaidng in Kas or Pamukkale. Don’t hesitate to make your dream come true and let us help you with it.


No worries. ABSOLUTELY no Experience is required. All is under the control of our experienced and professional pilots certified by Turkish Aeronautical Association/ THK/

What do you need?

All you need is just sunglasses and a pair of comfortable shoes. Even if you don’t have them still don’t worry. We’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Tour Info

The way from meeting point, that is our office, till takeoff takes 25 minutes. You will have a unique chance to enjoy the stunning view of Oludeniz and the Babadag panorama while going up to the top of the mountain. There are several different takeoff spots. Depending on wind condition your pilot will choose the takeoff point.

Safety is our priority <1> that’s why our experienced pilots take double check before starting from the office and straight before the flight. A takeoff crew will prepare the parachute, harness and helmet.

You will be given a short instruction from a pilot, one more safety check-up and all you have to do is just to make a few short running steps forward. And then...... in a second you will be lifted away skywards and flying like a bird)))) Just settle into your comfortable harness (seat) and Enjoy breathtaking views of Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and famous Blue Lagoon from a different perspective!!!

The flight duration is 25 to 40 minutes (depending on the weather conditions). While in the air your instructor will show you the most beautiful sights, record videos and take pictures of magnificent views and your emotions that you can get on request after landing.

Time to land

All flight being under the control of a professional instructor you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to land gently. With the assistance of our landing crew your biggest effort at landing is just to take a few steps on the ground.

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